Eye m stoopid

yesterday I worked all day. I didn’t even turn on my computer or check my email at all yesterday.

I finished the trigonometry chapter in my stuudying. I was taking the test. I decided to start the whole chapter over, because I’m just not able to apply what I learned in the chapter to the questions in the test. I thought I was getting a pretty good handle on it as I went through, but apparently not. I wantd to do a chapter a day and finish the 2 year course in less than 6 months, but I’ve been on this chapter for a week. It’s not really a two year course per se, but I have two years to complete it. you can read about it for yourself here.

Tomorrow is the OI Girls first day at her new job.

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  1. i agree with ms. mae.my brain stopped at trig. i breezed through everything up to that point and then my head just would not accept trig.