Well, I switched to the new blogger this morning, it seems to have worked ok. It seems faster. I don’t like that it says “KY” under my name in my profile, before it said “Cayman Islands”

Yesterday I had a pretty good day. I went with a builder to my property and he said it was a good piece of land and quoted me a price at the upper end of the expected range. (the last builder I talked to quoted me double what I considered acceptable, and more than double what I would pay). So now, I’m going back to the architect and officially purchase the plans/blueprints. then I went to the beach. I think my main dive buddy left the island for a while. He said he was going to, I just didn’t pay attention to when.

It was very hard to wake up this morning. I took a couple asprin to thin my blood and breathed some pure O2 from one of my “empty” rebreather bottles and I feel a lot better. O2 is some good stuff, too bad air only has 20%. Staying up late and waking up early sucks.

This should be a very busy week. I will be starting some transmitter work as soon as I track down a 640 LB package that should have arrived last Thursday.

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  1. KY just has “that” connotation. You know the one that makes a person sicker like a school boy. Welcome to new blogger land. Tis no differnt than the other. Can you send some warm temps this way? We’re due for a whopper of a snow storm on Tuesday.