I like it. A lot.

The other day I was at the office supply store, looking for something they didn’t have. A girl in the orders department was helping me look in the stores catalogues.
She was sitting at her desk and I was standing up. She was wearing a tight fitting shirt that showed a lot of cleavage with a loose button type shirt over it. I couldn’t see anything, but I could still see a lot, if you know what I mean. I really like looking. It gives me a feeling that I assume is lust.

Here’s another example: I was at the beach and there was a girl not too far away wearing the tiniest thong bikini imaginable. I could see almost everthing she had. It was good. But then she got up to leave and stood up and put a little cover-up/skirt on. After that, she bent over to pick up her things and I noticed myself straining to see up her skirt, even though just a second ago she wasn’t wearing anything and I had already seen everything. When she was wearing the mini skirt it seemed to be better that when she wasn’t.

Explain it to me. I like what I see, I like the feeling, I happy with the way I am, but I also can see how it can get me into trouble. Several women have told me that I look at other women a lot.

Maybe it is something like seeing something I’m not supposed to see? Imagining what is just out of view? I’ve never been able to quite figure it out. It’s not nakedness, the bikini girl looked better to me wearing more than less. (Although for the record, I must state that as far as womens swimwear is concerned, as a rule, less is more!)

Don’t get me wrong, my girlfriend turns me on and I’m not looking to fool around and never have, but I like female bodies and am just trying to figure out the mechanics of it. No piece of art has ever made me feel like I feel when I see a woman.

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  1. See you and my ex are twins. He looked alot and very obviously which absolutely infuriated me. So, do yourself a favor. If you’re going to look, and you’re with OI girl…do it descretely. We all look, but don’t insult your other half by being a pervert about it.