Map Event

Last night, (and tomorrow night) where my Wife works, at Guy Harveys Gallery, was an antique map show and sale. Above is an invitation for you, and below is a couple of my favorites.
This is a great map, with “Parts Unknown” and nice artwork.
I have a map similar to this, but much smaller and not an actual old map.ALSO! Today is my Wifes Birthday! Please go over and tell her
Happy Birthday!!!

I want her to have lots of comments on her BIRTHDAY!

0 thoughts on “Map Event

  1. I've already said Happy Birthday to the Birthday Girl!!! Thirty four, phew, gettin old…lol I've never been or heard of a map show, but I've never lived in a real artsy area either. It's nice to have all that right in your area. I think it'd be interesting, esp. the old old maps!! …debbie

  2. Belated Happy Birthday to your wife.I have an old copper wallhanging which has olde world maps on it just like the twin world one on your post.