TOO MUCH to post

I’ve been sitting here, in front of the blank screen for about five minutes, drinking my first coffee. I wish I could just post everything I was thinking, without typing. I sit down, try to think of something to write, and while I’m thinking, my mind wanders all over. Movies, pacifism, diving, riots, shortwave, fruit juice concentrate. People places things. Then I say I can’t think of anything to post. It would be more accurate to say that I can think of TOO MUCH to post.

Yesterday, for work, I had to call the phone company again. I cannot understand how they can exist and be so grossly screwed up. I call, get transferred, get disconnected. For over an hour. Finally I’m so upset and angry that I’m raising my voice to the operator. I even tell myself beforehand, “No matter what, you will not get angry!” They always drive me beyond that point. I am sure I will be dealing with them again today. When dealing with our phone company, the problem never ends with you hanging up the phone, problem resolved. It always ends with you getting disconnected, and deciding not to call back.

This isn’t much of a post.

February is turning into a pretty good month, at least I think I’ll make enough to pay the bills. I really like my job. I just wish it would get busier. I’m a good technician, I think the problem is that I’m a lousy salesman.

Anyway, Have a nice day!

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