Member of the Club

Yesterday during lunch I got the new grill. For another $50 I got a new propane tank. Now I’m a member of the propane tank club. To get into the propane tank club you buy a shiny, new, gleaming white, perfectly immaculate empty propane tank, take it to the gas station, and, for an additional fee of $16, trade it in for an old, rusty, beat-up, paint scraped off, greasy, dirty nasty, gross, don’t-know-where-it’s-been, full one. They just rotate around, you take in your empty and trade it in for a full. I did pretty good though, I found another almost-new one in the collection! It still has the decals on it, like the one I turned in!!
I started putting the grill together about 9:30, and got it done and went to bed at 1:10 in the morning. There’s a shelf that goes on the opposite side of the stove burner you see in the pic, but I left it off to save space.

I had to do some major rearranging of junk to make room for the grill to fit there. I may get rid of some plants and keep it outside after the new wears off. The OI Girl and I have sooo Much JUNK!
Here’s a pic I took on the way from home yesterday evening. I was driving downtown when I took this shot. Another Perfect sunset. I wish I hadn’t cut off the front of the cruise ship, but hey! I was driving! Also , it was raining a little bit when I took this pic.

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