Monday Morning Blues After A Fantastic Weekend

Here we are, Monday morning. Again. I got the Monday Morning Blues.

Friday we went to Royal Palms beach bar. The wife wanted to dance. There’s a link to Royal Palms in my menu bar

Saturday we went shopping and got new suitcases for our Canada trip in less than three weeks. Then we had lunch at a place called Icoa. I had a Maine Lobster sandwich that was very good, and the staff was super nice. Then we went to a pool party and had a beef curry dinner at a friends house.

Sunday I mowed the yard, and my lawnmower ran good for a while, then quit. I just had it fixed. I was able to get it running by putting some duct tape on the throttle. It’s going back to the shop today. After I mowed the yard, I took sun on theĀ  porch while the Wife went on a catamaran cruise. She didn’t get home till late and was mad because the staff made the people leave their shoes on the dock, and when they got back, one of her flip flops was missing.

This morning I was doing my exercises and we had a sudden, heavy downpour. I got soaked getting the stuff inside and closing the doors and windows. Now I’m drinking coffee and getting ready to go back to work.

All I gotta focus on is making it to the beach for lunch.

Have a good week!

3 thoughts on “Monday Morning Blues After A Fantastic Weekend

  1. Sorry that your wife lost one of her flip-flops which probably cost about two bucks in the store. I’m sure she can get another pair. So you going to Canada huh? Whereabouts? Don’t forget to have fun. Later

    • My wife’s Reef flip flops were $50 CI. I’ve got some with a good sole that were $120 CI!

  2. I’m sure Lowell doesn’t know about flip flops today.some of them suckers are $45.00..glad you had a great it when you have a great weekend.

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