Nov 2021 Already

Hard to believe it’s November already. Tropical storm Wanda formed in the Atlantic, that should be our last storm this year simply because there’s no more names in this year’s storm name list. Yeay!

Afraid of a Friday night thunderstorm.

I had a very nice weekend. .I went to movie night Thursday unfortunately by myself. Friday I don’t remember much. I got up early and went and saw my marriage counselor. (It’s like closing the barn door after the cow got away, I know.) Then I went and had a nice breakfast on the waterfront. I went to the beach to swim my half mile, and it was too rough. Later on at home, we had a good thunderstorm.

Starting (I guess) Friday, it was stormy and windy and cloudy and rainy almost all weekend. Yesterday I turned off the air conditioner for the 1st time point may or June. Hopefully I will enjoy a few months of lower electric bills.

It was too rough for diving or swimming all weekend, I did get in the sea and took a Long Beach walk with some friends.

Yesterday, although we didn’t dive all weekend we (our informal dive group) did go to a very nice brunch at Luca. And I forgot to take a damn picture , I meant to…

And now it’s a Monday morning November 1st. It’s still cloudy and we have weather and it’s supposed to rain again tonight. But I’m in very good spirits.

Have a great week!

Birthday Dinner

Had a nice birthday dinner for my wife with friends last night. We went to the Thai Orchid Restaurant. As usual, it was very good. It was also Kate’s birthday, the blonde in the top two pictures below.

We all stayed up too late last night and I, for one am dragging this morning. Tomorrow will be a long day as well, I’m going to Cayman Brac for work for the day. It will be a 14 hour day, minimum. Hope I can get some extra sleep tonight!

Have a great day!

Happy February!,

Believe it or not, it’s time to flip the page on the calendar in 2016 already. 2016 came off the line quickly, it appears. January is gone already.

It was an allright weekend. Friday we went to a birthday party at The Wharf restaurant bar. Big waves were crashing all around. We stayed out quite late, and had a sleepy Saturday.

Sunday, we went to the weigh-in at a fishing tournament, had dinner. Then we went to the beach, just after sunset. Quite a nice way to end the weekend.
Now itza Monday, another week looms. Have a great week!

Worst Tacos In The World


I just wanted to say, I had the worst tacos I have ever had at Chili’s restaurant at Miami International Airport.


Mine were on a plate like the above picture, but didn’t look like the picture. And were very bland.

This is my desperate, pathetic post for the day. It came from my “topic list”. If you love tacos, don’t get them from Chili’s!

Happy hump day!

Catch Restaurant

Last night The Wife and I went out to a newish restaurant called either ‘The Catch” or simply ‘Catch’. We were both pleased. The food was good, the service was impeccable. And the bill was much lower than I expected it to be.


So when you”re here, check it out!

Monday Morning Blues After A Fantastic Weekend

Here we are, Monday morning. Again. I got the Monday Morning Blues.

Friday we went to Royal Palms beach bar. The wife wanted to dance. There’s a link to Royal Palms in my menu bar

Saturday we went shopping and got new suitcases for our Canada trip in less than three weeks. Then we had lunch at a place called Icoa. I had a Maine Lobster sandwich that was very good, and the staff was super nice. Then we went to a pool party and had a beef curry dinner at a friends house.

Sunday I mowed the yard, and my lawnmower ran good for a while, then quit. I just had it fixed. I was able to get it running by putting some duct tape on the throttle. It’s going back to the shop today. After I mowed the yard, I took sun on the  porch while the Wife went on a catamaran cruise. She didn’t get home till late and was mad because the staff made the people leave their shoes on the dock, and when they got back, one of her flip flops was missing.

This morning I was doing my exercises and we had a sudden, heavy downpour. I got soaked getting the stuff inside and closing the doors and windows. Now I’m drinking coffee and getting ready to go back to work.

All I gotta focus on is making it to the beach for lunch.

Have a good week!

C.A.R.E. Quiz Night


Last night the Wife and I went to the monthly Cayman Animal Rescue Enthusiasts fundraiser. She’s the team captain of our trivia team, The Hammerheads.

We won third place and got a $25 gift certificate for PDs Sports Pub.

It wss fun. I was a standby player because there were too many people on our team.

It was hard to get up again this morning. Blah blah blah.

Tomorrow is Friday! TGTF!

Ortanique Thumbs DOWN.

OrtaniqueLogoLast night the Wife and I and four people she knows through work went to Ortanique, a trendy kinda restaurant at a mall named Camana Bay.

I was not impressed.

Started out, we sat down. The waiter came over, nice guy, real chatty. He went to get us water and drinks. A while later, a waitress comes over and gives three of us water, and leaves. I guess she had only a tiny bottle of water. Later the waiter came back with our drinks, and we had to ask for the water.

Finally, after after what seemed a really long time, everyone had water. Nobody ever asked me what I wanted to drink, I tend to be quiet when the wine list is going around, as I don’t drink alcohol, so nobody asked and I drank water all night.

Later, someone brought us a bread basket with three pieces of bread in it. Remember, it’s a table of six. There’s a notice on the menu “First round of garlic bread is on us”.

I ordered the “Caribbean Jerk Penne Pasta”. It was approximately a cup of pasta, and not more than half a chicken breast, cut up. I ate it in about two minutes. It was tiny. I should have taken a picture. The plate was this big round disk, with a tiny bowl dent in the center. It was huge but it wouldn’t hold a cup of water. Redonklulous.

The waiter asked if we wanted to see the dessert menu, we all said no, except my Wife said she’d have a look. The waiter brought one dessert menu for her. I don’t know the rules, but I think it’s politeness when people say they don’t want to see the dessert menu, and when one person says OK, it’s like an ice breaker, and the waiter should bring everyone dessert menus in case anyone changes their mind….  like I said, I was still hungry after my tiny fistful of pasta and I partly said no to the menu because everyone else did. Plus I was ready to leave so I could go get something to eat!

SOOOOOOOO anyway, (this is unbelievable) On the dessert menu, there were maybe 10 things. (I don’t know for sure because I never saw the menu) Of those 10 things, they didn’t have 8 of them. The waiter went through all the things they didn’t have, ranted about how great they were. Two of our six ordered dessert, which was a high number, considering only one of us had a menu. I was feeling pretty invisible at this point. And irritated.

The final kicker offer is the bill. The waiter left the black leather bill holder thing on our table, “No rush, take your time, this is just so that you won’t have to wait on me later when you want to check out.” Pretty nice, I hate waiting for them to bring the bill. Half hour later, when those that had drinks finished them and those that had dessert finished it. I open the bill. It’s not ours. It’s an already-signed credit card sheet, a bunch of cash, it’s someones bill who already paid and left. So I got up and went and got our bill. We paid and got out of there. I came home and had a major snack, because I was starving.

I think there are really no good restaurants at Camana Bay. They’re all the trendy, tiny portion, overpriced places to be seen instead of to eat. In fact, I never liked Camana Bay at all. when I go there I feel like I’m in the middle of nowhere, and everything is unreal, like  I’m at the set of a play. It looks like a trendy shopping mall place, but it’s all fake props. It’s creepy to me. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a nice place, well built, good design. But there’s this nagging feeling I have when I’m there…

That’s my post. Have a good day!!