Monday, need I say more?

I woke up this morning from a dream in which I was arguing with a guy from work. It was a very heated argument that was showing no signs of cooling off when the alarm went off. Why do I let a little thing like work consume so much of my life that I let it intrude on my sleep? I feel like I should have been on the clock at work for that dream. Also, I think the fights and arguments we have as adults are the same as the fights and arguments we had as children. Only with bigger toys involved.
I’d much rather have nice sex dreams like everyone else. I seldom have sex dreams. That I remember.
Monday. I feel apprehensive.
I notice a lot less blog traffic this weekend, I guess because it’s a holiday in the US.
I don’t feel “right” this morning. I have a specific idea about what may be bothering me, but it’s purely speculation. Maybe it has to do with losing a friend. Like someone you used to confide in and something happens and then you still see each other and talk but don’t confide in each other anymore. I feel hated. Did you ever really really like someone who you think hates you? I have, several times. Maybe the whole thing is my imagination. I never know how to handle social situations.
Friends come and go but enemies accumulate. I hate it when friends go. It hurts.
I cant think of anything to say.
I’m half way throught my first cup of coffee.
three quarters.
I’ve got my swim trunks on under my pants, like always. I will go to the beach at lunch today, I hope. After work is the scuba dive with the Biologist Girl. Maybe that’s why I feel apprehensive.
If my brain was an engine it would be running a little rough today. Quite rough actually.
I feel weird.

0 thoughts on “Monday, need I say more?

  1. i am not sure how i got to your blog, just stumbled in i guess. but i have got to say that i am completely jealous. you are living the coolest life, in a beautiful place. i will DEFINATELY stop back, like to see what you are doing cool each day. as far as friends go, i have had the same exact feelings, and social situations can be way too hard to deal with. have a great day diving!

  2. Sorry I wasn’t able to read your blog much over the weekend. I haven’t been posting either because I’m trying to decide if I should call it quits or not. Hope your day gets better.

  3. I have never really liked someone that I felt hated me. When I think that someone hates me, I just hate them right back!No seriously, I don’t hate them… but I do steer clear.

  4. Arrgh I hate Mondays too, particularly when they aren’t holidays! Boy I certainly relate to relationships changing to more distant ones (or even complete losses when there’s a bad falling out). Still being around the person can make it even tougher, as you still have to try to be “courteous” and it’s always awkward, at the very least. I’m sure even living in paradise wouldn’t make these things less painful (well, not much less anyhow!). I don’t remember my dreams much in general, but it does seem like I’m more likely to remember the bad ones, unfortunately. I hope you do get to the beach at lunch. And I hope it helps your Monday become a little less difficult. Take care~

  5. I have the working dreams too, mostly they end up as nightmares though. I had one where I was trying to dilute a sample but it just wouldn’t change color. No matter how large of a dilution factor I used it wouldn’t change color at all. Although I found it amusing when I woke up.I’ve lost a few friends I was close to and it really sucks. Nothing like a fight that drove us apart or anything but just drifting apart. I think that might be the worst though.

  6. I rarely remember any of my dreams and I rarely have sex dreams. Perhaps you should talk to the person you think hates you. I’m sure you’ll find it’s only in your mind.