What a day

Today was close to the worst day ever without anything specific going wrong.
Work sucked. I was busy all day and didn’t get anything done.
My dive was cancelled. coulda guessed.
Went to the dentist today and need to have a filling replaced. So I have to go back for some drillin’ and fillin’
I took a nap at lunch and didn’t go to the beach all day.
Had an agrument this evening.
if it wasn’t for bad days there wouldn’t be good ones.
I rekkon.

I guess a lot of people are just making it back from a long weekend. Hope you had a good one! Welcome back!

0 thoughts on “What a day

  1. Holy crap did you ever just get spammed! I might have to turn it on too.I’m sorry to hear about your bad day(s). My weekend was pretty mixed, I’d tell you about it but I’ll do that on my blog. Did you get a reschedule with the biologist?I hope tomorrow’s much better.