Monday Report

It was a pretty good weekend for me. It was a lousy football weekend.
Yesterday we went to my brother in laws for a moving party, and it was pretty good, lots of food, and music. There was a lady who had a vibrating music bowl called a ‘Tibetan Singing Bowl‘. It works on the same principal as a wine glass resonating when you rub your finger around the top.
This was really cool and when you got it going, the water would bubble like it was carbonated. The one at the party was very similar to this one from the internet. I could feel it vibrate before I could hear it, and when I got done my hand was tingly like it was asleep.
Also, we stopped on the way to the party and met some friends so they could follow us, and while waiting we spotted a Cayman Parrot. They’re only found here, in the Cayman Islands. The Wife took this picture, using my cameraAbove is a panorama view of my brother in laws back yard, the whole island, undeveloped.

And the pool, which I thought was too cold to get into, especially with the stiff breeze that was blowing!

All this was Sunday, I don’t remember anything from Saturday right now, except that I didn’t have to work, and I thought I might. Have a good week, I’m sure I will!!

4 thoughts on “Monday Report

  1. Just doing a bit of catching up on your posts – your panoramic images are really cool!The Tibetan Singing Bowls are amazing when first the ringing gets going – so curious how something like this gets invented. It reminds me of the whispering gallery in Saint Pauls Cathedral in London. You are basically up under the round ceiling and you whisper into the wall (or an opening in the wall) and moments later your own whispering voice will have come full circle and you can hear your own whisper – amazing sensation.How remarkable you've got Cayman parrots – I'd love to see colored birds like that in the wild (where they belong!). P.S. About the cats… it's infuriating at times – I choose to think of people as ignorant (even though at times it appears people choose to be deliberately ignorant!). Hope yours are all thriving.

  2. Is the singing bowl brass? It's really pretty! And I like your Caymen Parrots, they're really pretty. Can you catch them and make a pet out of them that can talk? Personally I dislike birds in the house…far too much work cleaning up all that darn seed they sling around…ugh…debbie

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