My computer has been in its bag all weekend. I’m at the OI Girls right now,
typing this on my phone.
My Mom and sister are at my apartment, I am staying at the OI girls.
I’m kinda getting tired of it sometimes but everything is OK really.
The OI Girl has ab ex-co-worker over, staying on the sofa, which means I
couldn’t study this morning. Bummer. I’m thinking I’ll never get that
course finished.
Yesterday we went diving and I was conducting some experiments with the
white balance on my camera and everything came out red. But it’s
interesting because red is the first color to disappear when you descend so
it’s pretty cool. The pics aren’t worth posting though, in fact they’re
still on my camera.
Well that’s about all for today. More later!

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  1. hey, i’ve had pretty good luck by adjusting white balance against a white dive slate at depth, but you have to do it constantly- every few feet of depth changes it. i’d guess that you set the balance, then ascended a bit before taking pictures. also, distance matters. if you set the balance, then try to shoot a wide shot of a wreck or something, it’ll still be blue, just not as much.

  2. Home is home – we all miss it when we have to stay elsewhere for a little while…Hope your mom and sister are having an enjoyable time.And post the pics – you always take cool shots under the water.