shooting stars

It’s Thursday night. I didn’t get to post this morning because of studying and cleaning.
I got my Mom and sister from the airport. They are both out in the kitchen talking to the OI Girl. She likes them so that’s a good thing.
This morning when I was walkig the dawg there were a lot of shooting stars. There is a metor shower this time of year. Go look, you can probably see about one shooting star a minute.
Soon OI and I will be going to the OI Girls to sleep.
Ciao for now!

0 thoughts on “shooting stars

  1. I’m so jealous! I’ve only seen a handful of shooting stars in my life. I think they happen and I convince myself I’m seeing things, that it was a reflection or something.

  2. We went out to the Fair Grounds where it was dark, bundled up in blankets and watched them shoot across the sky. It was one of those memorable moments in life. Glad you got to see them too. It was worth being out late for.