Morning run and swim

This morning, I was looking at my alarm clock when it switched from 04:59 to 89.9. (The frequency I have the alarm clock radio set to) I don’t think I ever actually saw it switch before.
Then I got up, put on my swim trunks and Keen Newports (The best shoes I have ever owned, hundreds of times better than the second best pair I have ever owned) and ran to the beach and went for a swim and beach run. Then I came back and shaved and took a shower. Next time I am going to shave first, because I left a pile of wet sand in front of the bathroom mirror.

Yesterday, I let that guy I was mad at have it, both barrels. I tried to express myself without getting angry, but it came bursting out anyway. But, I was extremely surprised at how much better I felt afterwards. Later I apologized to him and told him that I tried not to yell but couldn’t help it. I also told him how much better I felt after yelling. He seemed to realize I was sincere and took it pretty well. Also, I did not work till 10 at night last night.

Also yesterday afternoon I was allowed to partake in some of the announcers training. It was good, but I hope to improve my on-air speaking ability. Which should be easy because my on-air speaking ability is practically non-existent!

Today is my split-shift day, hopeully it should be a good one for the beach because the afternoon rains seem to have stopped and maybe I will get some sun!

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