Juvenile Spotted Drum & Eel

Yesterday, after a tough day at work, I went for a snorkel. I saw a Juvenile Spotted Drum, which is my favorite fish to see. The sea was very flat and calm. For a while I was floating on my back, purposely trying to get into some deep relaxation. When I turned over and looked underwater, a giant green moray eel was swimming directly under me. I followed him and took some pics.
Today is going to be another tough day. I predict I won’t be home till 10 tonight. That’s 15 hours with no extra pay. My motto today: “I love where I fukkin’ work, ’cause where I work loves fukkin’ me!”

0 thoughts on “Juvenile Spotted Drum & Eel

  1. Hey MarkD -I’m curious to hear your thoughts on the Steve Irwin death. Does it scare you at all? I know it was a freak accident, but does it make you more cautious about diving?

  2. EW! That eel is just gross. I’d have a little problem swimming in the same water as him. I’m just getting over the peeling cleavage from when I was at the beach a couple weeks ago. I need a beach/water fix again. I love the water.