Multiple things

I have been working on a business plan that is coming out surprisingly well. Last night I think i figured out the way over my last obstacle.
I’m not sure if I should enter a formal complaint about having my job illegally taken away. No, that isn’t the strong use of words, it is an accurate assessment, for several reasons. The only thing making me hesitate about filing paperwork is the fact that I didn’t want to keep that job any more. From what I hear, the new guy is doing pretty well though.
Today is Friday, everything is looking good for the day. I’m one-day-at-a-time ing it.

0 thoughts on “Multiple things

  1. If you don't want the job back, why file? If you do, file. You don't seem really excited at the prospect of going back. Go forward and something will come up that you really like. Course you already know all this…good luck…debbie