I’m getting ready to go to work, actually, I am ready to go. I just have to put my laptop in my bag and go. I’m riding my bike today. I want to start riding more because I want the exercise and because of gas costs, but mostly for the exercise. I don’t think I’ll really save money riding my bike. If I wanted to save money, I could save a lot by not buying stuff I don’t need. I waste money.
I didn’t post yesterday, there wasn’t much to post about. I went to the beach, but it wasn’t really nice. There was a strong breeze and a salt spray that messsed up your sunglasses and there were biggish waves that kept you out of the water. I took naps and can’ t really account for my time this weekend. today I am buying my ticket to see the OI girl next weekend. (If I wanted to save money, I could not talk to her on the phone so much. I am dreading my next phone bill!) Well, I guesss that’s all for this morning. Have a great day and have a great week!

Oh and here’s some pics, clik to enlarge

Rusty salty metal hand winch.

A flower. (This flower, to me, looks sexual!! X-Rated?)

A wireless cable TV antenna, Island style!

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  1. Hey thanks for sending Wilma up this way…we’re getting some of it today, of course not as badly as the folks down south. Love these pics. I’m using one as my background pic on my PC. Hmm, maybe the flower is sexual since you are anticipating your OI visit!!?!?

  2. Hello Why do you need a pen and pencil to make picture. The picture you are taking are beautiful, you are creative – go on and take pictures.And by all means, keep on putting them on your site.

  3. I really like the picture of the Rusty salty metal hand winch. The layout is so… artsy in a cool sort of way. That’s an official term by the way.