Need a new seat

I rode my bike to work yesterday, I think I need a new seat, a big Lazy-Boy type comfy one. My butt hurts a little. It’s about 5.8 miles to work from my house. It always seems like going straight into the wind both going to work and coming home.
I had to reschedule my trip to see the OI girl this weekend. Pirates week starts Thursday. So I’m working Friday and Saturday. I’m going to see the OI Girl on Sunday and will be back to work on Wednesday. It worked out for the better, since we’ll get to spend more time together.
Here’s a couple of pictures I took on the ride home yesterday. Oddly enough, the waves were bigger in the afternoon than in the morning.

(Click to enlarge)

This is the South terminal, if you’ve been here, you would have gotten off your boat at this dock or the North one.

This isn’t really the swim area!

Bummer, broken boat.

0 thoughts on “Need a new seat

  1. I got a seat cover for my existing bike. I forget who makes it but it has gel cushions in strategic areas on the bike…so your butt won’t hurt! Funny, since seeing all the hurricane footage, etc. I noticed how close you were to Cuba and wondered if you have ever been there. I’d love to go, I think it would be a wonderful place to visit.

  2. Good lord. How freakin lucky are you to live in warmth. Hurricane Wilma is hitting us here in Nova Scotia now…or at least it’s a tropical storm…thing is, it doesn’t feel to damn tropical. It’s only 7 celcius (45 farenheit) today and cold. Dreaming of the Cayman Islands….sigh…found your site via Captain picard! Cheers!

  3. I hear there’s really good diving in cuba. Thats gonna be my second tropical dive destination. The first being Cozumel (sp?) Mexico, because it’s pretty cheap. I’m trying to convince Keri that we should re-elope to renew our vows, and do it in Cuba.

  4. I got one of those gel sat covers for my bike too. I love it! It definately helps cushion the butt. We must hear more about this “Pirates week”. Those were some wicked looking waves. It was actually quite cool. I love watching waves like that (as long as I’m not in the water with them).

  5. Carnealian, Strategic locations! That’s exactly where I need them!ChesneyGirl, Gas, over $4CI a gallon! Plus traffic is really bad!Shelly, It’s not luck, I sold everything I owned and moved! You can too! Hurricane Wilma started here and ended there, Isn’t it cool!? Hope you keep coming back to my blog!Beck, the divings better here than Cuba. They don’t have the conservation laws..thanks Candy!!Oh Christa! I plan on taking LOTS of pictures. Wanting More, O Yeah, it’s going great! Ditto! Lots of pics!Daisy, Good idea, I think I’ll post about Pirates week!

  6. Pirates week. Sounds fun. We have a similiar week here in Iceland, it’s about the Vikings, then people all over come and dress up like Vikings, and live and work like them. Særún Ósk