My Take On Iraq/Iran

I’m no expert, and I’m not really following the situation. To me Iraq and Iran are two basically identical countries right next to each other.

I remember when Saddam Husseins Iraq invaded Kuwait, and George Bush Sr sent General Schwartzkopff to liberate Kuwait from Iraq. I saw on TV, when it was pretty much over, the General said, pointing over the desert, Bagdad’s 200 miles thataway, with nothing between us and them. We could take Bagdad while we’re here.

George Sr said “No, the mission was free Kuwait, not invade Iraq. Mission accomplished, come home.” Which I think was the correct thing to do.

Saddam Hussein, said “good, I woulda kicked your ass” which isn’t true, and he knew it, but was just saving face in front of his people.

Skip Bill Clinton and enter George Bush Jr. I personally, had a 401K retirement plan that was getting ready to hit $100,000 when George Jr got elected. It dropped back down to $30,000. The US economy crashed.

I think George Jr said to somebody, “Make something happen, so that the people blame that for the crash instead of me.”

Then 9/11 happened.

I don’t think George Jr knew the specifics, but I suspect 9/11 happened because of George Jr’s request. And then they couldn’t find Osama Bin Laden. Why? Every news agency that wanted to interview him, interviewed him. I know somobody here that say they met him twice. Why couldn’t the US find him? Because he was hiding in the White House basement, that’s why.

Meanwhile, George Jr is upset that Saddam is making fun of his daddy. Later on he decides to do something about it. “Intellegence” comes up that Iraq is producing Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs). He tells Saddam to disarm or be invaded. Inspectors go in and find nothing. Every day on CNN, there’s videos of Iraq destroying missiles. Looked to me like they were complying as best they could.

But the US went in there anyway, never found any evidence of WMDs, and in the end Saddam Hussein was killed. I don’t have anything good to say about Saddam Hussein, but I can see why the US is so untrusted there. I will say this, If Saddam was never killed, ISIS would have never happened.

To me it doesn’t make sense, the US goes and kills their leaders, (crappy leaders I admit). Leaving kindling for chaos. (I won’t mention Mohamar Quadiffi.) Then those places go to hell, and it doesn’t seem to benifit the USA, or anybody else, at all.

The other day, a US drone killed this Iranian general. I don’t know the circumstances. But I imagine, what if the roles were reversed? Some foriegn government kills a US politician or Pentagon official remotely. What would that be like? But as ex-military, I back up my leaders, knowing I don’t have all the information.

I remember kindergarden, big kids picking on me, thinking “I can’t wait till I grow up, and we’re all adults, all this crap will end, Well, it’s never ended. The wars and the stories in the news we have today are exactly the same as kindergardners squabbling in the playground.

I think people are fundamentally the same, but we do have differences that we cannot recognize in each other. When I was a teeny tiny little kid, I figured out that cats were female, and dogs were male, Horses were female, and cows were male. Even after I grew older and became educated on the subject, and know that it isn’t true, I can’t un-do the basic idea in my mind. I think this is an example of the differences we can’t understand in other cultures. Different is not necessarily evil. The people we see as bad guys for what we think are legitimate reasons see us as bad guys for what they think are legitimate reasons too. And probably, in reality, none of our reasons are legitimate.

This post is going on too long, I started it yesterday, and don’t think I’ll finish it today, so I’m just going to post it. But know that I don’t trust the historians version of history, and I don’t trust politics.

Have a great day!

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  1. “If Saddam was never killed, ISIS would have never happened.”

    Very true! And the middle east would be much more stable today.

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