Nature Reclaims, if given the chance.

I was riding my scooter and saw this front end loader and had to stop to take some pictures. I don’t know why I never noticed it before, maybe someone cleared the area around it.

We watched a movie last night from 2009, called The End Of The Line, about global overfishing.
You’ve heard it before about how we’re destroying the planet, well, the ocean is about to run out of fish. In the movie, we see a Taiwan fishing boat unload several tons of bluefin tuna. That one boat had more bluefin than the entire country claimed it caught all year, from it’s whole fishing fleet. There are treaties and laws in place, which are ignored.
According to the movie, Japan is freezing and stockpiling bluefin tuna, and intends to keep fishing for bluefin till there are no more, then move on to the next type.
In Africa, the local villages are catching less and less fish, because their government has “leased” their waters to commercial fishing vessels offshore.This vacant lot may absorb a forgotten piece of machinery, but once a species is extinct, it can never come back. According to the movie, many species of fish are going beyond endangered, nearing extinction.

Symptoms of similar troubles are seen everywhere, even here. Here a ban on fishing for grouper is coming to an end, and studies show they have not recovered as expected. Read more about Cayman Islands Groupers and Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation blog, HERE.

6 thoughts on “Nature Reclaims, if given the chance.

  1. OH!!! That is SO NEAT!!!!!!! Not the extinction, of course, but the backhoe. I love it!!!!!! There's an old, old, old tractor kind of like that near my husband's work. Somebody "shaves" it so you can see more of it, but there's like a tree growing out of it or something.

  2. Those photos are amazing, but I know things can get overgrown very quickly. We have some obnoxious bittersweet vines that are always popping up. If we don't pull them out, they will take over.

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