The Yaad, The YAAAAD!

The yard needs mowing again. It is a real pain in the butt to mow the yard. Cause you know, it just grows back.
This morning, it my saddest, whiniest, crybabiest voice, I asked The Wife: “Baby? Will you please mow the yard before you go to work this morning?”
She said no.
The audacity
How dare she? How can she resist my saddest, whiniest, crybabiest voice?

So now, at least I have a plan for the day. Mow the yard, clear the bush, deforest the rain forest in my yard.

Also, yesterday I got a new underwater camera. An Intova IC 14. Its a cheapie, $300 USD for the housing and camera. Good to 180 feet.

I charged the battery, but I haven’t yet taken a single picture with it.
But I will.

8 thoughts on “The Yaad, The YAAAAD!

  1. great camera..I guess..I know jackshit about cameras, but it looks of the perks about living in retirement apts…someone else does the yaaaads..I can hear him blowing mud/dirt etc from the sidewalks as I type this..of course he's the schmuck that put it there in the first place by using riding lawn mower to do the yards the day after we got 4 inches of rain..asshole.

  2. This one made me laugh, but would you actually let the wife mow the lawn? What will the neighbors think?I have never mowed the lawn. Once we are driving in this neighborhood and I saw one female mowing the lawn, three houses down another female mowing the lawn, another female mowing the lawn. That's when we both found out there are females who mow the lawn. I told him "Please speed up lets get out of here before there is something contagious here" and he said "This is way too creepy" and sped out of there too. 🙂

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