Neowise Seen

I didn’t get a picture, but last night the wife and I saw comet Neowise.

It was pretty much a blurry ball. If you look away, like look at the edge of the frame in the binoculars instead of straight at it, you could imagine a dim tail, but if you look straight at it, blurry ball.

I’m spreading out leftover sand and gravel to fill a low spot in our yard. I’m worried about compacting it. I’m afraid the van will not be able to get traction in loose sand six inches deep. When it rains heavily, there is quite a big lake there. I’d like to put dirt over the sand/gravel (mostly sand) after spreading it. Thoughts? Recommendations?

Pleasingly, the week seems to be going quite rapidly. For the past couple of weeks, it’s been clear mornings with afternoon showers. I haven’t ridden the scooter in a long time.

Have a good day, unless you’ve made other plans.

2 thoughts on “Neowise Seen

  1. Dig the hole deeper. Set the dirt aside. Put the sand and rock into the hole. Put the dirt on top. I’d go for a least 6 inches of dirt.

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