What’s the name of this book?

I read a book a long time ago, can’t remember the title or author. What I remember is that it was written in the point of view of an insane person. There was a section where the main character explains in great detail why you shouldn’t date women with fancy fingernails.


There was detailed, logical reasoning, more than a page long about why, if she has fancy fingernails, you shouldn’t date her.

The book was NOT about fancy fingernails, I don’t remember what it was about. (Which is why I want to read it again.? The book was like being inside the crazy persons head. I was reading it thinking. “How can anybody even think like this to write it down?”

Do you know that book? I WILL find out. (I hope.) I’ve probably posted this post before.

I finished Hyperion. Not recommended reading by me. There’s links on yesterdays post.

Have a good day!