New Old Friends

Yesterday I met an old friend for the first time. John, who has read my blog for a very long time got married to his new wife Diane here yesterday. With a few family members (and us) they had a perfect ceremony on the beach.
The Bride and Groom and Best Men and Maids of Honour and the Pastor.

John and Diane during the ceremony

Signing zee papers
Beautiful sunset
The oddest thing for me was, I was certain John and I had met before, although I couldn’t remember when or where. But I reluctantly came to realize yesterday was the first time. John and Dianes family came from New Mexico, Montana, Seattle, and Los Angeles. Everyone said how much they liked Cayman, and I feel sure they will be back.
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Facebook is good for finding old friends, and Blogger is good for making new ones.

5 thoughts on “New Old Friends

  1. How neat is THAT!! and your right in what you say! I have so many new friends alll over the world!! I hope this works today. Haven't been able to post here. Was able to post on your wife's without and trouble!! Hereee goes!! …debbie

  2. Thanks Mark for the pictures and kind words. We were so glad you and your Wife could attend. It was wonderful to finally meet you both in person.Mark and my sister-in-law saved the day. I forgot to bring the champagne (!) and they were able to zoom back to the hotel in Mark's car, pick it up and return just in time. Other than that it was a perfect day in a perfect place..

  3. How lovely that you could attend their wedding… and I totally agree about blogger being the place to meet and make new friends. I have many, many new freinds thanks to blogger. While I may never meet them in person I still count them as friends, and that includes YOU! *smiles*

  4. That´s a lovely story Mark! Isn´t it strange what makes people become friends? And if John hadn´t met you via blogger, the marriage might not have taken place on the Cayman Islands, and it would have been a different experience. You might even attract new citizens to the Island this way..? 😉

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