New Phone Woes or, New Woes, About The Phone

Suddenly, yesterday and today, my new phone is only showing half way charged after charging all night. I can’t handle any phone problems right now.

Yesterday was Bruce Day, On June 13, 1991 I saw my brother alive for the last time. He came down to visit me when I lived in Virginia and we went to VA Beach. We had some hamburgers on the boardwalk. Later in the early afternoon, he went back up to Maryland, then on to Connecticut, where he lived. Less than a month later, he and his girlfriend, Karen Vinnik, would be tragically murdered in Tuscon Arizona.
I think my memory is failing, because I can’t remember him arriving in Virginia, I can’t remember if he stayed at my apartment. I wrote soon after his funeral that I never wanted this memory to fade, that last day together, the funeral, and all the feelings. I never wanted them to fade, I wanted time to stop, and hope that it would go backwards. Now there’s bits of memory missing…

I didn’t forget that it was yesterday, but yesterday I planned on posting it today as a Flashback Friday, but today, Flashback Friday seems too cheap for my Brothers memory.

Have a good weekend!

6 thoughts on “New Phone Woes or, New Woes, About The Phone

  1. So sad to have life end in such tragedy. Physical life should end in the nursing home after living a long, happy life.

    Greg has problems with his phone charging too and has from day one. He has had to have two new batteries installed in it, the first a mere month after he bought it. His is a Samsung Infuse. I hope your phone woes get better! Happy friday!!!

  2. i am so sorry for your tragic loss. i wish we could have selective memory, sometimes, to lessen the bad things and keep the good strong.

  3. We don’t know what to say. It is awful to loose your brother that way and his girlfriend too. Sometimes life can be so cruel and for us who have never experienced such things we give thanks to how lucky we really are. The memories may fade a little but you never really forget and we know somewhere above and beyond he watches over you. Our thoughts and prayers are for your both today.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. It’s a terribly sad way to lose a brother. I’m sorry you have to have any memory of that time. But, I wouldn’t want to forget my brother, either.

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