New Word Verification

Sometime last week (or this one) Blogger changed their word verification program. I remember when they started the old one, back in 2005, you can see my old post about it HERE. When IT came out, it was bad, but Blogger eventually sorted it out so it was usable..

Now this new one is worse than anything. As a rule, I can never read the word in the “‘blob”. Below are some examples, taken from my comments on your blogs!

Is 1890 a word? Are either a word?

What’s that first letter? A small B off in the white? Is that three “f’s”? Sorry I “asked”

This one, you can see I got wrong, but Blogger accepted it anyway!

This one has a comma at the end, do I put that in? And WTF is over that ‘e’ in the second word? Is that called a freekin Tilda?? Don’t I need a Spanish keyboard for a tilda??!!

How can I prove I’m not a robot by typing words that aren’t words and using keys that I don’t have on my keyboard? C’mon Blogger.

10 thoughts on “New Word Verification

  1. I've actually been keeping track of my "record" at correctly decoding the word verifications.I'm currently at 62.5 percent. Although I just started today. So that's bound to go down.

  2. Ugh, I know exactly what you're talking of, Mark. Somebody's brain is fried in Bloggerville. I'm going to check and see if my verification is off, too, just so it doesn't drive my visitors who comment climbing walls.

  3. Right with ya on this one!It sucks.And sometimes you can type the 'words' wrong and it accepts them, and sometimes NOT.Stupid blogger, fix it!!!

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