night snorkel

Tonight I went for a night snorkel across the street. It was very nice. there were a lot of bioluminesence. (I call them lumens) and I saw an octopus hunting. When they hunt they move around and make themselves into a tent over rocks, coral and crevasses and holes. Any little niche where fish may hide. Then they reach in and any fish swim out and get caught in the “tent”. then the octopus closes up on them and he has his dinner! A lot of times when he (or she) stretches out to make the tent, their body gets so thin you can actually see through it and can see the fish inside! This page has a lot of links about boluminesence:
It’s also just fun to turn off your light and wiggle and gyrate in the water and look at your body because the lumens come on when the water they are in gets disturbed. You can make a real starshow!