Finally it rained

last night it rained for the first time in a long time. I took my dog for a walk, looking up in the sky letting the rain hit my face, tripping on stuff because I was looking up and not watching where I was going.
Since it was cloudy, the Astronomical Society meeting was canceled, but I am glad we got the rain. It hardly rains at all anymore.

0 thoughts on “Finally it rained

  1. yaaay, rain is a blessing!anyhow, i wanted to thank you for the nice comments. you’re my absolutely first ‘unknown’! and i really wasn’t expecting it either! :)(i’m in a quick hurry otherwise i’d like to read your spirituality post and possibly comment on it.)

  2. heeey! =)you should totally get AudBlog then! in fact, a few years ago, when it first came out, that was one of the stronger incentives to want to blog…i’m finally putting it in practice! ;)i’m not sure if i like the quality though. it isn’t very clear (and here you’re paying for it!)you can get a bundle of 12 four min mp3 files for $3/month or whenever you want to replinish your allotment.i think i have 11 left? let me know when you do your first AudBlog! 🙂