No more cave

This morning I shut off the alarm and went back to sleep. I woke up when the OI Girl called. She was surprised to catch me in bed, as it was a first.
This morning, I’m cleaning up the apartment, then leaving for work at 9:30 or so. Last night I went to a co-workers birthday party. They have a new house. It is nice, on the water. There was a lot of liquor at the party and I’m sure they went on all night. I just stayed a couple of hours, then left. There were some good chicken shish-kabobs!
Yesterday, after my post, I started doing better. I went snorkeling at lunch at the place where the cave is at Smiths cove. Guess what? I collapsed, no more cave. Glad I wasn’t in there when it fell! I was there before and saw it but this is the first time I posted about it.
Then I went back to work, and found out I was working today and it almost put me back in the shit, but I didn’t let it. It they want me to start working every Saturday for the rest of my life, then I want to take every Monday off for the rest of theirs. That’s what I’m going to ask for next week. Maybe I shoulda kept my mouth shut, for fear of jixning myself, but oh well.
After work I’m going to the beach.

0 thoughts on “No more cave

  1. I hope no little critters were in the cave when it collapsed. That’s scary! Work a little, play a little, it’s all good! Have a great beach day!

  2. wowthats too bad about the cave. i’ve been under there a few times myself. did the waves from wilma do it?

  3. If your co-worker can get a house on the water, aren’t they being paid too much?Being able to snorkle at lunch is one of those priceless things!Keep the faith.

  4. By the way, see if you can talk Jeff and Lisa into updating their Cayman Island blog so we will know what happened to their lives after they returned to the rat race. I want their lives. Or yours.

  5. Hey, found your site cause you found and posted on mine. You, like I, live in a place that most people would give their eyetooth to call home. I know the feeling of living in place like this and just having a crappy day. But thankfully just a trip into the big blue can bring me back from the edge. Keep writing and I, for one, will keep reading. Thanks for the perspective.

  6. hey, I work ever Saturday… unfortunately it’s a second job so I don’t get mondays off. That would be nice though. Don’t get overworked, I’m just learning that now. Better late than never though.

  7. That whole cave ‘caving in’ thing freaks me out. The thought of scuba diving scares me out of my wits in general. But THAT I don’t like to even imagine.Thanks for the freak out, MarkD.