Then and now

Here’s a picture of what used to be the cave. I took this pic yesterday.

Here’s a picture of the cave I took last September.

I took this yesterday snorkeling. The black and yellow fish had blue bottomfins that really didn’t come out in any of the pics I took.

And I stopped my car and took some pics of this ship. I’d like to spend a year on a ship like this. Maybe two!
I’m not sure what I’m going to do today, just play it by ear!

0 thoughts on “Then and now

  1. That is a remarkable change in the land with that cave gone. The fish are beautiful…I think you should go to the beach and swim. Take the dog too.

  2. I did and image search for The Thor Heyerdahl, it’s similar, but that’s not it. Probably the same company. Same paint job. I checked out the website you showed us too.