No more trig I hope

I had a very busy weekend. I worked Saturday for half a day, and I got to catch up on some studying and cleaning (not much cleaning, but I did get a good 4 hour stint of studying done).

Saturday, OI Girl and I went grocery shopping, and I pulled into a parking space in the parking lot, just like normal, got out and was walking to the store just like normal, and this lady yelled at me from her car that she was waiting for four cars to go by to get the parking spot I took. I said I didn’t see anybody waiting but I was thinking, the only way someone could be waiting for that spot and me not see them, is if they were going the wrong way around the parking lot, against the flow of traffic. Anyway, I didn’t say that, and she called me an asshole and drove off. Then I got angry, walked back to mey car and moved it to a spot right next to hers and and as we were getting out of the cars I told her again “There’s your parking spot MA’AM, I didn’t see anyone waiting” I was furious by then, and she knew it.
Now I’m all pissed off again, just from thinking about it.
Prior to that, the OI Girl was in a crabby mood all day. I felt great when I got off work that morning, It was sunny, and I met The OI Girl at the beach. She was in a bad mood, I could tell instantly. Then she wanted to leave almost as soon as I got there. Four hours later, I loose my temper in the parking lot with some some weird woman. I did pretty good for those 4 hours I think.
Then we had a fun time making up.
Also Saturday we went and looked at cars for the OI Girl. She found one she likes, a Mitsubishi Pajero. Hopefully its still there when we go back to get it today.
Yesterday we were going diving, but it was raining really hard off and on all day. I don’t even know what happened to the day.

I’m officially done with the Trigonometry part of the course, (I HOPE!) I got 85% on the first test and hope to get the results of the second today. It was tough, and I hope to increase the pace from here on out.

Now it’s back to work.

See ya tomorrow!

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  1. Sounds like that woman in the parking lot was the real asshole. You were too nice. Next time laugh at her like it doesn’t bother you and you think it is silly. THAT will piss her off!I am so jealous, your weather thingy says it is 85 degrees now at 7:30 PM there. We are expecting snow on Thursday. Damn…