Seeking the blue light

I have a bluetooth headset. It is great because I don’t loose a hand while talking on the phone. Also, I can keep my phone on silent and when someone calls, I get a bentle blooping sound in my ear. I can go to the beach and have my phone in a waterproof box in my backpack and still take calls. Someday, the phone part will be gone and all everyone will have is the earpiece, which will be the entire phone. The bad thing is, that when you’re using it, people think you’re talking to yourself, but also, when you’re talking to yourself, people think you’re talking on your headset. (This has happened to me more than once!)

I can’t find mine right now. It’s been gone a few days. It’s here, because my phone connects to it when I get a call, but I can’t find it. I was looking for it in the dark last night. I called my cell phone from my house phone, I was walking around, looking for the blue light.
It’s around here somewhere, but I can’t find it.

0 thoughts on “Seeking the blue light

  1. I remember the first time I ever saw a cell phone with just an earpiece. I was in London and of course everyone had them. I saw this guy walking towards me, first thinking he was talking TO me, then thinking how sad it was that he was so insane talking to himself. HA! Guess the joke was on me!

  2. My husband bought the blue tooth and has never used it. My ‘old’ phone isn’t blue tooth capable, or I would be using it. My husband also lost his car keys today and does not have an extra set. I had to go pick him up from work. Tomorrow he has to go to the dealer to get a new set of keys made. So don’t feel bad. Maybe blue will show up soon in the dark.