No post today

I’m just posting to say I’m not posting anything today. I posted twice yesterday and I can’t think of anything to say today.
Today is Tuesday and I’m going to work. I feel in a pretty good mood. Glad it’s Tuesday and not Monday.
I had a pretty broke weekend. I didn’t go to the bank Friday and I’m out of cheques. So I kinda feel good that I didn’t spend (waste) money this weekend. I just hope I can get breakfast with the $3 that I have or I’ll be embarassed at the checkout line.
This morning I woke up at about 4 and could hear hard driving rain. I went to the door and looked and it was really coming down. I walked the dog just now and it was nice and warm and starry. I was going to sit outside and drink my coffee but my chair was wet so I decided to come in here and not post anything.
Tomorrow is a broadcast of a business luncheon from the Ritz. Then the talk show. So my day tomorrow is full I guess. Oh dang! Now I’m not going to have anything to post about tomorrow either.
Here’s another pic from yesterday, It’s a trumpetfish.

0 thoughts on “No post today

  1. Your pics are great! Are these with the new camera? I’m glad you didn’t really have anything to say. Thanks for not posting anything!

  2. hese pictures are just beautiful. Great job! To live where you live, sigh….I’m putting pins in my little Mark voodoo doll right now. HAVE A GREAT DAY!

  3. Thanks for not having anything to post today. The pictures are awesome! I loved them all. You know I am a picture nut! I would love to be able to photograph under water. How cool is that! Share more of them when you don’t have anything to post again.