Puke a boot

It was a good day yesterday. I only had $3 and I went to the grocery store salad bar (I do every day, they have fruit and stuff in the mornings) and the total was $2.99. That’s not skill, just luck.
Work wan’t bad, I ducked out and went to the bank while I had to go to the Ritz to scope it out for todays broadcast. Also, I had to get the work van inspected, and while I was there, I finally got my new drivers license!!
After work, I stopped by the beach and swam the half mile. Oboyoboy I am outta shape. so I vowed to swim every day from now on, except today, I can’t today because I have to work till late.

Then when I got home, the neighbors had the new puppy out on the porch and I took a pic. I am contemplating posting the pic because I just hate it when people post cute pictures of their puppies or kittens on the their blogs. It makes me nauseous, it makes me want to puke a boot. I mean, don’t these sick, deranged people have anything better to post about?

I’m just doing it for the sake of comments. I like a lot of comments, by the way, they make my day, but no pressure or anything. (where have I heard THAT before?)
May I remind you that it’s not my dog, and his name is Gargantor, Pepe Gargantor. Like Bond, James Bond.

0 thoughts on “Puke a boot

  1. real men wear pink! i have his picture set as my background at work, the first pic. he is adorable mark! i don’t have my blog anymore, but still check you out to see how life in the caymans is going. in case you have forgotten, i am friends with and work with carnealian.

  2. LOL, I have 4 pets and posted them on my blog a few times.Of course the puppy is adorable.I see you are from the Cayman Islands, thats a place i would like to visit.By the way thanks for stopping by my blog.Suz

  3. I believe the collar is a specific hue known as masculine pink. I’m hopefully getting a dog soon, I’ll post pics also.

  4. Well, I don’t care if you hate the puppy pictures, he’s so cute I just want to hug him. you don’t mind the baby pictures, do ya ;^) ?

  5. This little puppy is too cute! Okay, didn’t think anyone else used the word schlong, let alone know how to spell it. That collar is causing Pepe some confusion though…best talk with your neighbour about that one!

  6. I just want to pinch his little cheeks. He is too cute! So you think I am,’how did you put it?’ “Sick, deranged” for posting about my little boy Cosby. You said you liked his picture. He sort of has the same markings as Gargantor but he is on a must smaller scale than Gargantor. I love puppies.

  7. Oh no way, I love puppies and kittens, can’t get enough of em’.Thank you so much for posting a pic of that beautiful/handsome puppy.