No post today

No comments from anyone yesterday, sheesh!
I can’t think of anything to post. I’m going in an hour to pick up an ink cartridge to send to Cayman Brac.
Oh yeah, I’m growing a beard. Actually a moustache and goatee.
I want to go diving today. I have plans to go tomorrow, 240 feet with an instructor and his student. I think I’m the stand by-carry extra breathing gas guy.
I’ve been sleeping late on this vacation, like 9 o-clockish. Un believable. But it feels good. I bet it’s really dark when I start getting up at 5Am again!
This is a pic I could have posted yesterday. I like it. I cropped it to get the effect I wanted.

0 thoughts on “No post today

  1. It’s nice to sleep in every once in awhile, I slept till 9:30 today for the first time in a very long time! I like the pic-she looks very pretty 😉