Not According To Plan

It was a cold and windy weekend. It still is cold and very windy.

I’m getting ready to get the house painted, and I planned to spend Saturday on moving a large amount of tile and cinder blocks that were next to the house.. Well, I went for breakfast first with friends and had a flat tire and it pretty much took 3/4ths of the day to get that sorted out. So I ended up moving the material on Sunday, and I got it done Now I can start worrying about the money needed to paint he house..

I still am not supposed to scuba dive because of my tooth and bone graft. Next weekend oughta be OK.

On a positive note, I went out and had a solo dinner and watched Cincinnati win. Very pleasing. I grew up in Missouri, but as a boy, I saw the Bengals practice in Wilmington Ohio, where my Mom is from. Plus, in Missouri, most people were Cardinals fans and switched to KC when the Cards fled to Arizona.

it was the first NFL game I have seen in probably 2 or 3 years.

And now it’s back to work…. 🙁

Have a good week!!!

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