Nothing happening

I went to the beach for a long time yesterday. I’m working on my tan. It seems like nothing happens though, except my white parts get whiter! I did a little snorkeling but it was a little wavy so low visibility. I have a thermometer on my watch and it showed 130 degrees F in the sun. Did you know that whenever they say the temperature on the TV or Radio that it is always in the shade? I like it hot! The hotter the better. I’ve seen 142 degrees F on my watch before.
Today is more of the same. Beach.

I have two laptops and two desktop computers. The laptops are Windows XP. The desktops are Windows 2000, commercial version, no serial number required. To me, 2000 has always been better that XP. But almost everyone I know disagrees. I’m thinking about putting 2000 on one of mylaptops, just to see how it works. I’m worried about the drivers. They came on my Toshiba CD that came with the laptop, but I wonder if I can EASILY extract them for windows 2000 to use. . .
Maybe I’ll give that a go today.

0 thoughts on “Nothing happening

  1. WinXP is more open to attacks then Win2000. For that reason I like Win2000 better. Well, and because my MCP is on Win2000 so I know it better.But I have to admit I like some of the feature of WinXP just a little better. Is it my imagination or did you change your profile pic again? I really should change mine. Mine has been the same for about a year now. Time for a change don’t you think?! Have fun at the beach!

  2. I will have to disagree with you also. XP is just more compatible and works better than 2000 does.Just check:HereHereHereHereHereHereHereHereHereHereWell that should quench your knowledge.