Not another Monday

That was the shortest weekend I remember. I can’t believe it’s Monday.
Yesterday I went back in the canals on my bicycle. I’ve been back there a lot, but yesterday I explored them quite extensively.

Typical road, with canals on each side. This one has small canals

I went to my old spot where I used to go with my dog. It is not far from where I used to live when I was married. I also went to the farther parts where I had never been before. I found a spot that was in the North Sound that was quite a nice spot. Also it would be good for putting my Kayak in the water there. There was someone back there fishing.

End of the road at the North Sound

There were a lot of iguanas back there, there always are. The canals were dug as part of an old mosquito program. I guess they are still part of of it. Also there’s two big ponds. after hurricane Michelle, they put the turtles from the turtle farm there.

water control gate

I felt like I was hurrying all weekend to do what I wanted to do, and never had a chance to really kick back and relax. It was a way short weekend. Also, without a car, it’s harder to spend money! I like just having a bike (in a way).
I couldn’t get Windows 2000 to work on my laptop, so I put XP back on it, which means I wasted my time totally. With 2000, when I loaded the video driver, the screen stayed black and I couldn’t think of any to fix it except reinstalling Windows. I tried 2000 a few times but then just said “fukkit”.
I don’t wanna go to work this week. I really don’t. I wasn’t done with the weekend.

0 thoughts on “Not another Monday

  1. I’m sorry your weekend was too short…I was thinking the same last night. I still wanted to do stuff and actually pondered how I could get out of work today. The pondering was in vain, I came up with nada. So…I’m going to get ready for work!BTW-You said those canals were part of an old mosquito program…how did that work? Was it to drain off the standing water so there was no place for them to lay eggs? Because I know that around the coast where I used to live the mosquitos were so bad they actually had a Mosquito Festival.

  2. So, what did they go and do, send all of the mosquitos down here? Because we have more than our fair share, I can tell you that!

  3. I drove around there in my Andy’s rental car last year. I couldn’t figure out what was going on with the canals but it was fun exploring.What’s that guy with the buckets doing?