Notice To My Readers

I received a notification yesterday that I had a record number of followers for one day on my blog. Second Go.

I haven’t used that blog in months.

The blog you followed is:

This blog, (my only active blog) is and is the only one to follow.

The reason for the confusion is that I use my wordpress account to comment on  wordpress blogs and when you press the “follow” button, it follows the wordpress blog. I tried to add this blog to my wordpress profile, but have been unable.

(On my computer, I’m logged onto Google, which is blogger, and wordpress, which is oddly enough, wordpress. The approproate profile shows up on the comments you receive on your blogs from me.)

Sorry for any confusion. I want comments and readers on this blog.

5 thoughts on “Notice To My Readers

  1. Dear me , the confusion of the intertmutts? Seems like blogger and wordpress don’t like each other much. We are always having problems with wordpress.
    Have a wonderful not so confusing Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. I guess that means something! I forget to pay attention to all of the statistics these days. It was too much of an emotional roller coaster, especially since I get more email about posts than comments.

  3. One of the things I hate most about the internet is how accounts don’t recycle. For example, you create a blog or an email. You drop that blog or email for your own reasons…whatever. The Blog or email still exists.

    Like my Facebook account. I haven’t logged on to Facebook since I quit months ago. I bet I can still go back to it. What they should do is once you say, “get rid of it” they either treat the email account as if it didn’t exist, or put it on a list of available accounts for others to grab, but just get rid of the information that is there.

    People should not be able to get to your other Blog because technically, it is not supposed to exist anymore right?

    I hate that about the internet…hate it. I sometimes wonder how much space would be created on the Google Servers if they just went back in and cleaned house.

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