Old Coffee

I did a search for ‘old coffee’ and this is what I found.
Yesterday, I hardly drank any coffee. This morning there was still half a pot left, so I just turned on the pot to heat it back up instead of making more. It’s not too bad tasting. But I wonder if I am violating some ancient law that states thou shalt not drink day old coffee….
Here we have a mix of sun and rain. There’s a tropical depression to the south of us. It looks like a slow mover, so I rekkon we’ll have at least a few more days of rain. It’s predicted that this one will become a hurricane. I need to mow the yard.
I’m halfway through the last book of my course. It’s a big ol thick book, like a phone book.

2 thoughts on “Old Coffee

  1. Doubt there is a law about drinking day old coffee, think about the cowboys, they drank 3 day old coffee!! lol Nice to hear your in your last book. Hope nothing develops regarding the storm until after your wife gets back from her wedding….debbie

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