The Cheery Road To INSANITY :-)

It’s Friday! My Wife has the day off today, I’m up posting a post before I allegedly start studying.Last night I dreamed I was looking for my blue fins American Airlines lost. I was endlessly looking through bags of dive gear on plywood shelves in 18 wheeler trailers. The airline says that they sent us a check, for about half the value of the stuff we lost. That means it actually would be profitable for the airlines to steal luggage.

The last few days I have been hearing my phone ring when it’s not ringing. My ringtone is the Austin Powers song and I keep thinking I hear it, far away. Sometimes even when I’m talking on the phone, I hear it far away, ringing in the other room. I am sure it’s the first step down the cheery road to insanity. I expect the giant bats to begin swooping out of the sky at me any minute

On the cheery road, just before the giant bats start a-swoopin’

Here is my Austin Powers ringtone, a very short MP3, It’s what I’ve been hearing, all the time! Farrr FarrFaraway!!


Also last night my Beautiful Lovely Smart Sexy Wife told me she’s rebelling against her blog. I guess she’s not getting enough comments. Who is? I thinks some more comments will help her. . . (Hint hint).

Anyway, I have to get going. Studying you know. . . Allegedly.

0 thoughts on “The Cheery Road To INSANITY :-)

  1. Hummmm….I believe your hearing your ring tone because your procrastinating your studies. Your sitting there listening instead of studying!! lol Do I sound like your mom?? Am probably old enough to be your mom…lol Quit lollygagging and hit the books! …debbie

  2. Hmmm…. maybe if your wife left comments on blogs of people who commented on her's, she'd get more? Only my opinion mate. I've left a comment or two on her blog… never heard from her though.