one blue ball

Today is the last day before we Travel to the US. I feel fit enough, I was worried I wouldn’t. I have to pack, I’m taking my biggest suitcase, at the The OI Girl’s request, so she has room to put the stuff she buys. It will be almost empty on the way up.

I really want a new laptop. And Taco Bell.

I saw my new scar for the first time yesterday. It is much bigger than I thought. I took a pic with my cell phone camera. What you see in the pic is my right hip, my legs are to the left and my you-know-what is under the blue cloth. My skin is kind of wrinkly from the old bandage they just took off. And bruised. And I have one blue ball, which I won’t show you. The doc says it looks good, and I’m inclined to beleive him. I feel better than I expected.

(they shaved me before the operation.)

0 thoughts on “one blue ball

  1. Have a fun trip. I’m glad you are feeling better. I was just bitten by a black widow and I chose your blog to take my mind off it until the neighbor gets.

  2. I thought that was your nether region. (I looked at the pic before I read the post). What a wicked looking scar. Too bad they couldn’t do the bikini cut like they do with us gals. Have fun in the US and DON’T overdo! Daisy’s orders!

  3. I think the scar looks really good! You know if you put vitamin E on or cocoa butter, the scar should pretty much disappear. You know, for when you wear your bikini. Where are you visiting in the states? Near PA?? Wanna see Amish Country? I know, huge draw, you can barely stand yourself! Hershey Park? Three Mile Island?