Woke up last night and went out to the front porch and was looking through my binoculars. I came back in to go to bed and the alarm was going off. I saw lots of cool stuff near Scorpius and Saggitarius. Nebula and I think galaxies. I’m having a little trouble navigating around on my chart. I look at the sky and pick a star, then look through the binocs and see millions, and can’t pick out the one I was looking for.
Today is day number 3 of taking the dog to work. It’s a little inconvienent today because I have an important meeting to attend away from the station and I am kind of leery about leaving the dog at work without me being there. Soon I will have him trained and HE can go to work and I will stay home.
I still don’t know if I’m working Saturday or not, I’m hoping I don’t but assuming I am.
I’m tired. I will be drinking a lot of coffee today!