Thursday? Already?

I am glad it’s almost the weekend. I was dreading work more than I needed to. I thought the OI Girl was coming Friday, but found out yesterday she’s coming Saturday. I didn’t even protest when my boss asked me to work Saturday night.
I got my new binoculars yesterday! They are fantastic! I was at the beach till late and didn’t get to bed till almost midnight. I was looking mostly at nebula and star clusters. and the moon. I got up this morning and looked at Venus, I could see it fairly well, it’s showing a little more than a quarter right now. I’m going to need a tripod and more books…..
Ditto the dog is coming to work again today, The repairs look almost done to me, but I don’t know diddly squat. I was able to bring the dog home at lunchtime yesterday and that was very convienent. Hopefully I can do the same today.
I guess that’s it for today. I haven’t touched my 365 blog since I went on vacation, I am plagued with guilt.

0 thoughts on “Thursday? Already?

  1. You can see planets/stars with your new binoc’s? They must be some rather powerful beinoculars or else you have a clear view of the stars (aka no interuptance from city lights). Either way I am jealous. I miss the beach life.

  2. Your pics from your vacation are amazing. I would love to have a pair of those binoculars!!! Excellent. Glad it’s Thursday already as well and almost the weekend. Bring it on!

  3. At least you have an excuse for why you haven’t touched your 365 blog — I’ve just been slack. I’ll catch it up soon….congrats on the binoculars — you’ll be outside looking at the sky for hours upon hours now! 🙂