Orts for supper!

Today was the first sunny day of the weekend, I went diving, then went to the beach, then took a major nap. I don’t know how many hours I slept, but it was a long time.
So now I’m wide awake at 10:25 and I have to work tomorrow.
Tomorrow tha antenna installers arrive so we’ll (they’ll) start putting up my new FM antennas for work. It should be a considerable improvement, signal-wise, the new antennas are way better than the old ones and are custom built for the tower.
I signed up with an online dictionary/thesaurus this weekend, Wordsmyth. It seems Ok but maybe a little too simplistic. I needed a thesaurus and found it online but you have to register. So far they haven’t started spamming me. As a test, I looked up the word “ort”. It wasn’t there. I utilized a special link they have to “suggest” they add a word. An ort is a leftover morsel of food. I learned it by doing crossword puzzles. Next time your kids want to know what’s for dinner, tell them “orts!” You should get a funny look at least. Ort is one of my favorite words, another is “agog”.
Tomorrow night is a C.I. Photo Club meeting. Maybe tomorrow night I’ll have some cool pictures to post. The theme is “George Town At Night and Light Trails”. (The link goes to the website, but none of my photos are posted… yet)
I appreciate all the comments on my previous post, I was just wishing I coulda thought of a way to get that girl to stay!

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  1. Have you ever tried:Answers.comYou can use it through the web address or you can install the plug-in and simply type your word.What I like about the program is if you are typing something and are not sure about the word, you can highlight, alt-click and it brings up the answer site with the spelling, definitions, synonyms, and translations.The site also has a daily history page that is very interesting.

  2. answers.com seems to be way better than wordsmyth. They had the word “orts”. Plus audio pronounciation and lots of other stuff.Sweet!Thanks Lita!

  3. I use answers.com all the time. Did you install the desktop plugin? If you did there are customizable options under the menu on the answer bar.Glad you found it useful.