Today is my last day before some days off. I have some friends coming down for a rebreather trimix instructor course, and I’m the students student again.
Most people look forward to time off. I do, but I worry about work.
Pretend that work is going in every day, and painting a painting. When you go on vacation, a co-worker who sees you painting every day and knows how you like to paint covers for you while you’re gone. It’s not too bad, because the person sees you painting every day, knows your style and what you’re painting.
When I go on vacation, an outsider comes in, and I don’t like the way he paints on my painting.
It seems like a really stupid way of describing it.
I have to think about it some more.
I don’t feel comfortable when I go on vacation because I worry about work. I don’t want any new projects started while I’m gone, I don’t want anyone working on my existing projects while I’m gone. I don’t want any surprises when I get back. If something breaks, I want my “replacement” to fix it to keep the station running, and that’s all.
When anyone else goes on vacation, someone “in house” fills their place, but when I go on vacation, someone from outside comes in. I rekkon I’m the only one who considers him an outsider, because the only time he’s there is when I’m not, and I DO know the guy, so maybe “outsider” is poor word to use.
It costs the station a lot of money, and having someone there in my place
makes me feel insecure I guess.

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