Pettiest of Theives

Yesterday after my post I went out to my car to go to work and found it ransacked. Apparently I had left my door unlocked and one of the crackheads decided to check it out for stealable stuff. Taken was:
One towel, orange, large, like a blanket.
One hat, green (the one in my profile picture).
One underwater flashlight, black (About $60 in value) (A torch, to all you UK’ers)
So far that’s all I notice missing, maybe the hat or flashlight will turn up, maybe more was taken.
Not taken was a plastic bag full of coins that was on the floor that they apparently didn’t see, probably because it was dark and they didn’t have the brains to turn on the flashlight they stole. They probably would have wanted the coins more than anything else.

It’s more like a joke really, a punishment for leaving your door unlocked. It’s not the first time it’s happened to me, and it’s happened to all the people who live at my apartments. If you leave your door unlocked, odds are that someone will go through your car.We all think we know who it is. I’d lke to see some dummy walking down the street in my hat though. It was my favorite.

0 thoughts on “Pettiest of Theives

  1. Well that sucks. I’m obsessed with keeping my house doors locked and car doors as well. But every once and while, you forget. This was your reminder. Sorry you lost your favorite hat.

  2. How annoying! When you know that some stranger has been rifling through your stuff it is infuriating and violating.

  3. It’s too bad people have to get into things that are not theirs. I’ve had my car broken into too, and the funny thing was, they only took about $1.50 in change. I would have give it to them if they only asked.

  4. That sucks. Could have been worse though. Theives tried to steal Gregs entire car once. They broke a window and they used a screw driver on the sterring column, cost us $500 deductable to get it fixed. Then there were the dumb thieves that broke into our house (and probably got licked to death by our vicious dog) and stole ALL of our VCR tapes and music CDs. They left the expensive digital camera, the laptop, the 27″ TV and even the VCR. They weren’t the brightest of thieves. The upside was we got to get $1400 worth of new CDs thanks to awesome homeowners insurance.