Pics as promised

Yesterday was great! Today promises to be better. Yesterday was 303 feet, my new deepest depth on the rebreather. Today is the Carrie Lee, a wreck sitting on the edge of an underwater cliff at about 275 feet. Awesome dive!

Here’s some pics I took yesterday on a shallow afternoon dive. They are Flamingos Tongues. the spotted part is the creature that lives inside the shell, kind of like a snail. They come out of their shell and wrap their bodies abound the outside of the shell. The shell is plain tan colored. They live on sea fans.

And a baby turtle. He was about a foot across.
Also, look at this coral, I took it for the pattern, but the flash made it bright red. click to enlarge. This is my favorite pic of the day.

And my abstract pic. Guess what it is! (easy) Hint: I was in a swimming pool next to a restaurant.

0 thoughts on “Pics as promised

  1. Love, love, love the pictures, Mark!I’m with Renee–are they barstool legs?Looks like you’re having a great time!

  2. That red coral looks like an internal organ. I hope you took pics of the shipwreck you dove at. I’d love to see that. I suspect the abstract pic is of the chairs at the pool?

  3. Incredible photos Mark. Nice work. Ditch the girl and keep the pictures coming… (just kidding)But please keep them coming. 🙂