Still no pics

But today, I promise to take some!

Yesterday was great! Went down 258 feet, stayed 20 minutes, back on the surface after 103 minutes. Today the plan is 300 feet, which will be the deepest I’ve ever been on my rebreather.
Yes, Jona, I am waking up at the same time I always do for work, and I’m actually leaving the house earlier than I normally do, but it’s great! (I’ll try and get some rest when I get back to work!)

This is yesterdays dive downloaded from my dive computer. Depth is on the left and time is across the bottom. The dark blue line shows my actual depth, and the light blue line shows my ceiling, which means the shallowest depth I can ascend to with out risking decompression illness. The little green rectangle at the bottom center is what I see on my handset while I’m underwater.

click to enlarge

I feel like I’m getting a cold, so yesterday, instead of an afternoon dive, I hung out by the pool and tried to catch some preventitive sunrays.

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