Pizza Sandwich. My Saturday

On the new job, I will be off Fridays and Sundays.
That means today is my Saturday.
Except I’m not off, I have to go out and install a new transmitter and a production studio. Hopefully I can get it done today, if I don’t need parts.
I am drinking coffee, trying to think of what to say, there ain’t much.
Below is a picture of a Zebra plant flower to be. It is growing on a long stalk, and I have been watching it. Later I’ll show more pictures as it grows.
Yesterday for lunch I had a pizza sandwich. I’ll give you the recipe, take notes, it’s complicated.
1) Take two leftover slices of cold pizza
2) Lay them flat on your work surface, crust down, toppings up, pointy ends away from you.
3) Fold your right hand slice over onto the left*, like closing a book, so the crusts are out, toppings in. Take care to ensure proper alignment of the pointy ends.
4) Put in plastic bag and wait till lunchtime.
5) Eat like normal sandwich.
* If you are left handed, reverse the procedure, placing the left hand slice upon the right.
There you have it, a pizza sandwich. If you neeed more detailed instructions, leave a comment in the comment section, and I will consider dedicating an entire post, with photos, to make the procedure more clear.
Have a gooooooooood DAY!

5 thoughts on “Pizza Sandwich. My Saturday

  1. When I read the title, I was kind of excited to find out how to make a pizza sandwich :)I've doubled up my Oreos before, but never thought of doing that with pizza.

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